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Here you'll know Clixsense, the No. 1 online earning site, .

It is very hard to find legit site for online earning among millions of scam sites on web. This blog serves to help those who want to earn money online.

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Discussing Earning Money Online

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Are you looking that you might have a desire trip or purchase something you really want or need?
Are you feeling such as you just don't have the funds for to complete what you really need to do?
Lots of people have realized the option is to generate money on the web. You can do the same! Keep reading to find out more.

If you love composing, check out revenue sharing internet sites. These internet websites allow you to go with a subjects to write about, and a few of the cash flow from guests would go to you. The other advantages is these internet websites are linked together with the Amazon online marketplace affiliate marketing program, which raises your revenue.

Before you established your center on earning money online, establish your household up. Making certain you are free from interruptions may be an extremely important a part of your success. Children, partners as well as other individuals can cut you away at most problematic times. Be sure your time can be your personal, so you can take full advantage of income.

Set your down a chance to very good use. The Web offers a lot of money producing options which need very little attention. For example, online surveys along with other little duties can be achieved without the need of a great deal of effort. Do these whilst watching television if you want. You won't come up with a lot of money this way, but you will certainly be getting a few of that goof-off time to work for you!

Never spend funds to have work on the internet. 

Reputable work on the internet must compensate you, not the other way around. In case a service is asking you to provide you with work prospects, odds are they can be just playing middleman and supplying links that are offered at no cost once you learn where to appearance.

When you have a blog or site all set to go, take into consideration promoting advertising and marketing area onto it. You can expect to earn money every time one of your website visitors halts the things they are performing and clicks on the advertising. The easiest way to be successful and earn money with spend-per-click on marketing is to experience a great web site that provides beneficial info. This will increase your traffic movement along with the quantity of mouse clicks you are receiving.

Search engines

  AdSense is a system that will get you began.Publicize for other people to make money on-line. Positioning ads on your website is a terrific way to earn money. Should your blog site is well-liked, you may most likely entice businesses to advertise on it. The advertisement will take readers to a different one site exactly where they can shop.Earning money online is a thing you can't simply do overnight. You need to stick to your prepare and understand that persistency can get you with the challenging times. The harder you just work at it, the greater number of you may make, so metallic your determination while keeping reading through article such as this one to learn more.Be grounded with your requirements about earning money online. Still it usually takes time and energy. Block out 1 hour per day from your plan to spend on the internet focusing on issues, but do not cease the day task however. It can be times or even several weeks before you even know what you really are good at.If you are searching to create a number of more dollars online but don't want an actual work, you can always complete studies.

Several research workers supply several dollars for filling out online surveys for these people. Some companies will pay you by means of PayPal and some will be sending a examine.Everything you do now can be converted into on the web function. Are book organizations anything you love? You might prefer to try out your hands at the literary web site for fans of guides to go over and discuss ideas, Want to crochet? Promote your handmade projects online.Many web sites out there pay for men and women to do activities that cannot be managed by way of a pc. It could be flagging inappropriate activity or finding the title of a company with a sales receipt. These jobs demand human being learning ability to discover the response. They are pretty simple to perform and can provide you with a little extra cash.

Are you presently knowledgeable about website marketing? An organization might want you to engage in search engine marketing with regard to their web site. You will be responsible for doing stuff like producing blog sites, composing pr releases, putting up in discussion boards and in many cases doing a very little interpersonal social bookmarking. Nonetheless, this is not really anything you'll be capable of do without any earlier information or experience.

Marketing items online is a wonderful way to earn some extra revenue. A multitude of locations like CafePress enable you to set up your own retailer for selling T-tshirts. You'll make custom shirts for customers. Place ads on CraigsList and article fliers in your neighborhood to promote your wares.A lot of web sites require a payment for information that they assert will enable you to make a lot of money on the internet. An excellent rule of thumb would be to by no means pay everything to get that type of details.

Legitimate sites may request you to meet the requirements by using a test, but they is not going to demand almost any payment.Picture taking is a growing business. If you love taking pictures, and also you are excellent at it, you might generate profits selling individuals images on the internet.

Check into businesses like Shutterstock and Fotolia, that are carry picture agencies. They make it easy for folks to gain some extra cash by using pictures.If you have always hoped there was a way to earn more money, now is the time to get started. There are now many methods to accomplish it, which post must moist your urge for food. Depending on how you opt to generate income, you can get started out since tonight!


Full Tour and Tutorial of Clixsense [Video]

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Here is full tour and tutorial video of clixsense which helps people to earn money without spending a penny. It has really friendly interface for members. And besides the add clicking it has many lucrative ways to earning money like crowdflower tasks Offerwalls Matomy, SuperRewards, Trialpay, and so on…
This video will tell you how to click ads and how to complete tasks, playing clixgrid, completing offers on clixsense and making money online by taking short surveys and a short resume if referral program. This video will give you a brief tour of clixsense and if you have not used this website before you can find more information on links given below and you can Join clixsense HERE .
This is official video made my clixsense officials and it can give you best understanding about the website. The video is made professionally with a great presentation of earning methods. You can use this video later for showing this to your friends and it will also help you promoting it to others. 

Still don’t have Clixsense account? Join HERE

Clixsense Complete Review - Is it Scam or Legit?

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clixsense scam or legit

In this article we are going to going to have an honest review whether clixsense is scam or a legit ptc site by shedding light on different aspects of clixsense.

Background of Clixsense:-

It was founded by Mr. Steven Grisky in February 2007 and later in May 2010 it was sold to Mr. Jim Grago and since then Mr. Grago is operating it. So Clixsense is active for about 9 years.

What is Clixsense?

Clixsense is PTC plus Survey website (Pay to click service) which helps you to earn money by viewing ads, completing surveys, doing crowdflower tasks and referring others. From ads you can make very less amount of money that is just $0.001 to $0.02 on per click but surveys, crowdflower tasks and affiliates you can earn a reasonable amount of money.

Who can work in Clixsense?

It is best for both for both beginner and professional online workers.

How can we earn money in Clixsense?

There are many methods of earning money on clixsense:
  • Clixgrid
  • Watching advertisements
  • Completing Tasks
  • Completing Offers
  • Completing Surveys
  • Earning from Your Direct Referrals
  • Getting Paid From Your Daily Bonus

Few Tips For Earning Online With Clixsense

A Complete Mini Guide To Clixsense

How to earn more money in Clixsense?

It is not possible to earn a reasonable amount of money from PTC sites because you can earn only fraction of money from viewing ads. Clixsense offers many ways other than just viewing ads to boast your earning. CF tasks, surveys and referral program are my favorite method for earning money on clixsense. In referral program you can get money from seven levels in your downline. There are many websites which offer crowdflower task by clixsense isbest website for doing crowdflower tasks Here are Few Tips For Earning Online With Clixsense.

clixsense scam

How to get Referrals in Clixsene?

There are many ways to get referral for PTC sites. Read my article given below for the detail ideas to advertise your Clixsense link to build your direct referrals in Clixsense.

Free to join or need to pay?

Clixsense if totally free of cost and there is no limit online earning on this website.

Drawbacks of Clixsense:-

  • If you cannot refer enough people, then it will be very slow to earn money in Clixsense. So, click the link below for detail ideas to refer people in your Clixsense account.
How To Get Direct Referrals For PTC Sites
  • Clixsense cannot guarantee that the ads and surveys provided in Clixsense are Legit. So you have to do your own research/study if you want to join any company after viewing the advertisement in Clixsense.
  • Some times you get less money than your effort, So, if you have enough time and patient, then you can follow the slow earning one. Otherwise, if you are busy and understand the value of time, follow the better options such as on referring people which will generate good income for long time.
  • Clixsense is not responsible for offers, tasks, surveys etc. will/may ask for your secret information such as credit card information sometimes. So, I highly recommend you to avoid this of work which may ask for your credit card information.
  • Surveys are geographically targeted as well as related with your profile information. So you can get only those surveys which are related to your profile and available in your country.

Is Clixsense restricted to some countires?

Yes, Clixsense is restricted to some countries like Afghanistan, Albania, Antarctica, Azerbaijan, Cuba, Kazakhstan, Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Niger and Vietnam.

You want to join clixsense ?

Click on here or the banner below to signup on clixsense today and be part of my team. Don’t forget to check CSEARN OFFER.
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§ How Clixsense Works
§ CrowdFlower Tasks Help, Tips, Tricks And Cheats

Clixense Vs Neobux Best PTC Site

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clixsense vs neobux

No doubt Clixsense and Neobux both are one of most reputed PTC sites which have earned confidence of the workers by paying them on times for years. In world of fake PTC sites the these two sites have proven that all ptc sites are not scam. Here I’m going to provide you honest and unbiased review and comparison of both sites with easy to understand methods. Depending upon different features and pros and cons of each site we will give them points here 10 points to the first and 5 points to the second . At the end we will decide which is Best Paid to Click site depending on cumulative points.  So here we go with different features.


We will decide maturity of site by comparing number of years online. The more years a website is online, active and paying; the more it is mature and trustworthy PTC site. The table below gives date of registration and this date is taken from who.is website

clixsense vs neobux

Total  Active Members So you can clearly see the Clixsense is winner in this duel because clixsense is 15 months older than Neobux. So clixsense is more mature, trustworthy and paying for long time so it will get 10 points in this regard and neobux will get 5 points.
Now we will compare the total number of active members on Clixsense and Neobux. The more active users show more trust and confidence in PTC site. So look at table below:

clixsense vs neobux comparison

Clixsense  updates the every time a new member joins it in real time and also mentions total amount paid to its members on Home Page.  On the other hand neobux hides its total number of active members and never revealed. It makes neobux a suspicious site. You want to know the reason behind this? Keep Reading I will explain in Rented referrals section. 


Now, let’s see which ptc website supports more languages. English is not known to all people of world and many people want use PTC sites in local languages because they are more comfortable. So look at the table below:

neobux vs clixsense

So in this competition the Neobux stands first being a multilingual PTC website. Neobux includes Greek, Portuguese, Spanish,Polish,Finland, Swedish, German and French while Clixsense is only in English.


Forum is very important aspect to discuss when it comes to of PTC website. A paid to click website without active forum is not doubt an scam PTC site. Forum is the place where you can read the true feedback of members  and see payment proofs of members.

clixsense vs neobux forum

You can see both websites have an active forum where members discuss and share about website. So here I gave equal points to both sites.

Browser Plugin

Browser plugin is an important feature and only best PTC sites can have this feature. When a task, ad, or survey is available on site the browser plugin notify the user instantly without “logging in” to site so that you can not miss a chance to earn money online when you are on PC.
clixsense vs neobux plugin

You can see both websites have browser plug-in AdAlert and Clixaddon for Neobux and Clixsense respectively, hence both will get 10 points for this. 
Both websites have their own browser plugin so they both earn 10 points.

Account Upgrades

Upgrade on PTC sites means you have to pay an amount to website for which they will allow you more features on website and give you more chance to earn money online. This is very important feature to consider because costly memberships or upgrades not a good to thing to have. You join online earning website to get money so you should not pay to websites. Have Look on table below to compare our both contestant of best site

clixsense vs neobux upgrade

So you can see the clixsense offer most cheapest upgrade to its member. You might think the if neobux upgrade is costly it may give you a lot more than clixsense but in reality I have figured out that Clixsense Upgrade is more lucrative than neobux upgrade. So 10 points goes to Clixsense for sure.

Multiple Upgrade Levels

This is even worst feature to have multiple level of upgrading and memberships. The more level of upgrade an online earning website offer the more they will charge you. Have a look on table below:

clixsense vs neobux earning

You can see Clixsense has only one level of upgrade and by paying $17 you can upgrade to premium while on the other hand neobux has upto 6 levels of upgrade and last upgrade costs $890. I’m not joking you can see below:

neobux scam

Number Of Ads Available Per Day

Let see how many advertisements are available per day on these money making websites. More ads on ptc website means more room to earn money through the website per day.
clixsense vs neobux ads

So you can see on 30 advertisements per day are available to clixsense members in USA . This is same for many other countries like UK, Canada etc. Neobux also offers many advertisements but clixsense is leading in this regard.

Total Methods of Earning

Let see how many methods of earning are available on both contestants for best Best PTC site. Have a look on table below

clixsense vs neobux earning methods

Here are the methods of earning on Clixsense:

  • Clixgrid
  • Watching advertisements
  • Completing Tasks
  • Completing Offers
  • Completing Surveys
  • Earning from Your Direct Referrals
  • Getting Paid From Your Daily Bonus

Methods of Earning on Neobux

  •  Watching advertisements
  • Completing Tasks
  • Completing Offer
  •   Earning from Your Direct Referrals
  • AdPrize
  • Earning From Rented Referrals

Rented Referrals

Rented referral are not actually referrals but they are computer bot which are programmed to work for the admin of PTC sites. They click on advertisements until the admin wants them to click for you. In start they will earn you good profit but eventually when you will buy more and more rented referrals their working will be rendered as programmed and it will result in loss. So this is not a good practice for PTC to cheats people. We will count Rented Referrals as negative point. clixsense vs neobux rented referral scam
I left one thing unexplained in previous paragraph that why Neobux has not revealed it total number of active members. Rented referral Scam in the reason behind this because almost all members have 10’s, 100’s and 1000’s of rented referrals. By virtue of logic rented referrals can not so easily available because most of referrals on PTC sites are brought by members. So its logically not possible to have excess of rented referrals. If neobux shows its total number of active referrals its rented referral scam will be easily exposed as total number of rented referrals will surpass total number of active users.

For your own good, please DO NOT RENT REFERRALS !
For not having this scam feature clixsense will get 10 points.

Direct Referrals Restrictions

One of these sites restricts its members to have direct referrals until they buy and membership and the other site there is no limit  to direct referrals even with basic free membership.
clixsense vs neobux direct referrals

This is they way neobux force people to buy expensive upgrades. On the other hand there is no limit for clixsense users to have direct referrals.

Affiliate Program

Now let’s compare the affiliate program of both paid to click sites:

clixsense vs neobux scam


From the above table its obvious that Clixsense has best affiliate program as it offers commissions from 8th level of their referrals to premium members. While on the other hand even by paying high amount for premium memberships you only get commission from 1 level direct levels.
The last but not least thing we are going to compare is payments. Here will will consider two important aspects:

1.     Minimum payout
2.     Cashout availability

clixsense vs neobux payment

The first minimum cashout on neobux is $2.00 which will increase by $1.00 with every cash out you make untial it reaches fixed amount of $10$. On other hand clixsense minimum cash out is $8.00 for standard members and $6.00 for premium member. The cashout on neobux Instant while in clixsense payments are made every week on Wednesday at 5pm EST. So you can see the minimum payout of neobux is $2.00 (although it increases until it reaches $10) is better than $6 cash outs on clixsense because its instant.

Clixsense VS Neobux, Which is best?

After all discussion I’m going to summarize the features and points in the table. The website with more points will definitely the winner of this Comparison.

clixsense money

neo bux vs clixsense

Number Of Years Online
10 points
5 points
Number of Active Members
10 points
5 points
5 points
10 points
10 points
10 points
Browser Plugin
10 points
10 points
Upgrade Cost
10 points
5 points
Multiple Upgrade
10 points
5 points
Number of Daily Ads
10 points
5 points
Number of Ways To  Earn Money
10 points
5 points
Rented referrals
10 points
5 points
Direct Referrals Restrictions
10 points
5 points
Affiliate Program
10 points
5 points
Cash out
5 points
10 points
Payment Threshold
5 points
10 points
125 Points
95 points

After all discussion and our qualitative and quantitative comparison we are able to conclude that CLIXSENSE is winner and better PTC site than Neobux.

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Dear Readers, I will happy to know your opinions and feedback and I will welcome correction of any mistake I made in this article. If you want to be part of my Team join Clixsense HERE or by clicking on banner below. 

crowdflower tasks help