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How to Choose Online Earning Websites


How to Choose Online Earning Websites

Online earning scams

Most of you get puzzled when you’ve to choose a website for online earning. With my experiences with different online earning sites, I am able to make some points that you must keep in you your mind. You must filter websites through these criteria before going for online earning.

1.       Look for Trusted sites

There are millions of online earning sites on internet most of which are fake and fraudulent. You must inspect and interrogate websites keeping in mind these points.
·         Don’t Trust or Invest in new sites.
·         Don’t trust payment proofs given on online earning website.
·         Go to related forums to know reality of websites. (I suggest www.emoneyspace.com)
·         Read unbiased reviews of different people who have worked with particular online earning websites.

2.       Avoid Non-Real Income

Look for real income on online earning websites. You can find many sites on which you’ll be earning tens of dollars a day but you can’t collect it from website. You have to pay fee, membership fees, charges on withdrawal and many other restrictions. So always look for a site which can yield you large proportion of you earning.

3.       Know the Restrictions

There are number of restriction on online earning sites due to which you are not able to earn much. Even if you are earning good amount they will not give you all. Some on common restrictions are as follow:
·         There are site on which you can not work more than a daily limit.
·         You can not cashout before a specific interval
·         You can not get your money until you invest a specific amount of money in terms. (minimum invested, add funds etc)
·         There is withdrawal limit. You are not able to cashout more than  specific amount.

4.       Don’t buy Costly memberships

Most of sites ask money from you in name of costly monthly or yearly membership. Is common sense If you’re working to earn money why should you pay?
Some time they give you free memberships but this is another way of keeping you happy and getting work more work from you.

5.       Beware of unnecessary Charges

On most of sites you’re unreasonably charged for cashouts fees, adding funds, sending support tickets, transferring account balance to purchase balance etc. Due to these charges you lose your hardly earned money and get very little amount of money.

6.       Don’t work on webistes with Fluctuating policies

Many online earning websites have fluctuating policies. Their rules and terms are often changed and you’ve no surety whether that website will operate the same way or you’ll be bound by new rules/restrictions. I have worked with site on which I payed $100 for monthly membership. After 25 day when I was very near to monthly minimum payout limit of $235, they changed the policy and set condition of minimum $300 payout. At the end of month I ended with loss $100 and wasting a whole month.

7.       Beware of Rented Referrals scam

On most of website there is option of renting referrals. According to them RR are real humans who joined website their own (under no one’s downline). You can rent them and get them in your downline for a month to get commission from their earning. But In reality the whole concept of rented referrals is fake and fraudulent. In actual the rented referrals are computer bots which are programmed to work for you and they are managed by admin of websites. They will earn you money until admin allow them to do so. In the beginning they will bring a lot of cash to you and invoke you to invest more in them. When you’ll get a lot of rented referrals buy adding handing handsome amount of money in it, they will be no more working. Some websites offer you to buy referral for unlimited time but this nothing different then rented referrals.

Online Earning- Rented Referral Scam

It will be interesting for you to know that many websites have more number of avaible rented referrals than member on their sites.

8.       Ad grid scam

On many websites you’ll find adgrids some time with other names like “progrid”, “earngrid” “grandgrid” etc.  It’s like a lottery; you have to click on boxes which are linked to ads. After seeing ads they let you know you if won the hidden prize or NOT. Obviously you don’t win in 99.99% cases. I am pretty good in concept of chances and probability and I found at that they just award one or two people randomly in day. There is no real hidden prize. But in some on websites adgrid works fine as on clixsense.      

I will recommend clixsense to people who are interested to earn money online. It is totally trusted website and passes all my criteria of selecting legit and real sites.