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Clixsense pays you more than you earn ! Really?

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Clixsense pays you more than you earn!!! Really?

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If you have ever worked online for money you may know that online earning websites do not pay what you really earn. There are number of ways in which they cut off you earned credit and give you just a slice from whole bread. They will charge you for most of your activities on their website. They charge you whether you are adding money (funds) or you’re withdrawing money from website. They charge in the name of rented referrals for which you pay to buy, recycle and renew them. There are costly memberships on most of sites for which you pay large proportion of your earning. Many of websites even charge for sending support tickets. After all these deductions you never get what you really earn.
So we always need to find a website which can pay you your money honestly without any corruption. Most of people think finding such site will be same as finding life on Mars. But wait! What if I told you Clixsense pays you more than what you earn. If you don’t believe me I am going to explain it all for you here.

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No unreasonable deductions

Clixsense always care for you and your money. There are no unreasonable deductions on clixsense like many of other websites. There are no charges on adding money to clixsense but there are little charges on withdrawing money for payment processing. You’ll be charged only $0.25 plus 2.5% of amount requested for payout but maximum fee on cashout is $4. It means you’ll be only charged $4 for any payment request above $140.
There is NO fee for any support or help on clixsense and support is very quick and reliable.

No costly memberships

In many online earning websites you’re required to invest some money or you have to buy costly memberships. Instead of instantly getting your money, for months your money is vanished in buying costly membership. Unlike many other online earning websites there is no costly membership in clixsense. You can upgrade to Premium membership for one year just $17. But you can also work and get money and your bonuses in free standard membership.

No Rented Referrals

Rented referral is most common tactic that websites use for draining your money. Rented referrals are computer built bots which work as per instructions fed in them by programmers of website. They can generate you some profit in beginning but when you invest considerable amount of money in them, their performance will render and this will end in loss of your money. You have to waste your more money in recycling, renewing and updating them. Clixsense is free of rented referral scam and it has best affiliate program through which is discussed in next section.

Affiliate earning

Clixsense has best lucrative affiliate program. You are not only given bonus for referring new members you get handsome commission for your direct referral’s clicks, tasks, surveys and offers. You get $0.50 or $1.00 (depending on your membership type) when your direct referral earns $10 or $5 respectively. You also get 5% or 10% commission on your referrals earning on offers and tasks. You even get money on your referrals purchase of ad credits or clixgrid links up to $2.
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If you upgrade to premium account (costs only $17 for whole year) there is no limit on how much you can earn. Unlike standard members who will get commission from just direct referrals they recruit, you’ll get be given commission from 8 levels of your down-line. The earning potential literally becomes unlimited with these multiple streams of income. When your direct referral upgrades to premium you are instantly awarded $2 commission ($1.00 for standard members) and up to 8 levels in your down-line (indirect referrals) you get $1.00 on their upgrade (only for premium membership).

Daily checklist bonus

On standard membership you can get 5% bonus of your daily earning by just completing a simple daily checklist. And this bonus increases to 12% with premium membership. Daily checklist includes:
·         6 ads daily
·         20 clixgrid clicks daily
·         10 tasks daily OR 2 offers daily OR 5 task and 1 offer
·         Visit forum at least one time a day.
You can even get more bonuses from clixsense. After completing this checklist for three consecutive days you’ll get 1% or 2% (depending on your membership type) bonus daily. Isn’t it amazing?
But Clixsense continues to amaze you with generous bonuses. You can also have 1% or2% (depending upon membership type) bonus daily for adding very useful add-on in your browser.
In short, all these bonuses add 7% or 16% (depending on your membership type) of your daily earning. If you don’t want to mess up with calculations above I can explain it in more simple words for you. You get extra $1.00 on earning $13 with standard (free) membership and $1.00 extra on earning of $6 with premium membership.

Tasks bonus

You’ll be happier to know that clixsense is only online earning site which gives you $5.00 bonus after you complete earning $50 from tasks. NOT for single time but each time you earn $50 you get extra $5 bonus for example if you earn $200 from tasks you’ll be given $20 bonus from clixsense.
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More over there are weekly contest of tasks in which $100 prize is distributed in top10 tasks completer.