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Crowdflower Tasks Tips, Tricks and Cheats

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 Crowdflower Tasks Tips, Tricks and Cheats

What is Crowdflower

Crowdflower is a crowdsourcing website company which means it get works from different clients and break it into smaller fragments called “tasks” and place it on different PTC and GPT sites. We work as a contributor and complete crowdflower tasks. The crowdflower takes money from its clients and gives website its share and PTC and GPT sites pay to us. There are different types of tasks depending upon nature of different projects given by clients for example a task may be a survey for a company, explicit content tasks, image moderation tasks, transcribing receipt task, sentiment analysis tasks, survey tasks and so on.  

How to Complete Crowdflower Tasks:

1.       Make an account on crowdflower as a contributor. For example you have joined clixsense, click  on tasks and it will show you different tasks on the that page. You have to click on any available task and it will lead you to crowdflower page where you can get register by providing few required details.

2.       I personally recommend Clixsense for crowdflowers tasks because it pays maximum money to contributors. And it has best referrals and commissions and rewards for its workers. Read my blog for detailed analysis on this issue.

3.       In start you don’t have level badges so you should be patient and do whatever task is available to you. In beginning don’t care for money and time spent on tasks. I understand it is the most difficult part but after you get level badges you have a lot of work to do and you can earn as much you work. Actually crowdflower wants to filter good worker so it has made the process little but difficult and demanding.

4.       Most of crowdflower tasks has quiz mode in beginning which means they test you before you complete tasks. The answers of all questions in quiz mode are known to them and they check how accurately you can perform tasks. Usually you require about 70 percent accuracy for getting into work mode.

What is best Website for Crowdflower Tasks

As mentioned in previous paragraph I recommend Clixsense to all my readers here because it pays you 70% percent of what they get from crowdflower. And they also pay to daily bonus upto 16 percent and $5 for every time you complete tasks of worth $50 which  is 10%. Clixsense also gives you upto 10 percent of work your referrals. So adding all these you get more than 100% of what you get on crowdflower own platform. And there are other ways of earning money on clixsense too. For details read my blog:

Crowdflower Tips and Tricks

1.       The first tip I give to my all readers is be patient in beginning and don’t lose hope. Your first aim should be getting level badges which require effort and patience. After that you have large amount of work available and you can do whatever tasks you like.
2.       The second tip is always read the Instructions carefully before each task. And do the quiz mode very carefully. You may spend 20 minutes on quiz mode and doing it properly but after doing few tasks you will get used to it and you can complete a tasks in only few minutes.
3.       Check the satisfaction of task before choosing a task to do. There are satisfaction stars present at the end of every task listed on Clixsense. So check out this by clicking above on satisfaction and it will sort tasks according to satisfaction of other contributor and don’t try the tasks which have accuracy two stars of less because they may contain faulty questions from task author and may result in dropping out of those jobs and decrease in your accuracy. Task with satisfaction above 2.5 stars is okay and above 3 stars is great.
4.       You can also sort by reward by clicking above reward area. Try to do tasks which give you more pay or try those tasks which are easy and you can do fast such as sentiment analysis tasks.
5.       Don’t forget to daily check the forum of clixsense in which people discuss those task which have faulty or unjust test questions.

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Crowdflower Cheats

1.       In a certain job on crowdflower there are only limited test questions. In Quiz mode the all answers of all crowdflower questions are known to them which means those questions are to test you so you may call them “Test Question” and in work mode only one question out of each task is “Test Question”. If you know that which questions are “Test Question” you can easily do the tasks and you don’t need to worry about your accuracy. Know I tell you how to find those test questions.

a.       All questions in quiz mode are Test Question so do them carefully and make screen shorts of them. If you do it wrong try to understand the reason and note the answer. These questions will come in work mode as test question and put the right answer of it in work mode and rest of questions you can do without worrying.
b.      If  you answer the “test question” wrong it will tell you the reason in “correction mode” so also note that question and answer and if you find that question again in other task of same job be sure its test question.
c.       If you see a questions in different task of same job over and over again, it tells that this is test question so do it carefully and do rest of questions with ease.

If different friends are working on crowdflower they should make their own small library of test questions by placing screen shots of test questions in folder named after the name of job. By collaborating and sharing the screen shots in a dropbox they can know the test question of each job in library and can perform the tasks easily because you will have crowdflower task answers.

2.       Sometimes they crowdflower may say that “you have done maximum amount of work on this job”  but after sometimes if you open the same job after sometime it will allow you to work. So for these kind of jobs even if its say “you have done maximum amount of work on this job” keep page refreshing after sometime and do the task as soon as it is available.

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So dear friends this was to assit you in doing crowdflower task help and I shared what I came to know by my experience. If you want to help me please sign up for clixsense here and be member of my team. I also reward the members of team and give them back what I get on behalf of them as commission from clixsense and also upgrade my hardworking teammate to premium membership free of cost.
If you have any tip, trick , cheat or crowdflower task answers please tell us in comment below.

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