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Few tips for earning online with clixsense

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Learn to earn online

As you know this is my devoted blog for guiding people about scams on the internet regarding online earning and guide people the real and legit ways of earning online.  Most of the times I mention about clixsense because clixsense is no. 1 GPT site in world in my opinion. It is totally free, legit and paying website on internet. It is a scam free website and I have critically tested this website before blogging about it. Today I am going to share a few tips and tricks through which you can make a reasonable amount of money easily.
As I said clixsense is a prime online earning site on internet round the world. I know most of people find difficult to operate clixsense and earn money with clixsense because ads can only help to collect few cents and clixgrid is a game of chance. People have no idea how to earn with tasks, surveys or offers. So you have to pay attention to my lines below to get good idea about how to really earn with clixsense.
Have one account for clixsense by clicking here, if you don’t have clixsense account. 
Clixsense is excellent opportunity for people living in developing nations such as India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Indonesia, etc. By having few skill one can easily win bread for his family at comfortability of home. In countries where most of people live with daily income of few US dollar you can earn as much money as much you give time. I’m here to assist you in doing so, so as my blog.
If you have account, or you made by clicking above link, just login to to you clixsense account and follow the information given in images with this article. I hope you can get good idea about earning with clixsense through these images but even if you have any confusion or question  you may ask by writing below in comments.

Clicking ads

Daily check and click all ads as shown in image below. You’ll given cash for visiting advestiser website for 3- 60 seconds. More the time of ad the more you’ll get paid. 

earn online 1

Completing offers

The are a lot of offers available under this button. You can complete offers from number of service providers and get good amount of money on daily basis. 

earn online 2

Play Adgrid

earn online 3
By an interesting game adgrid, you can win by enjoying playing it. You have many chances to win and I have often won through this game.
earn online 4

Referring others

Clixsense has one of the best affiliate program. You can have a good financial gain if you have more and more referrals in your downline. To get referrals you have to refer your friends and family and by advertising to social media or any other way of advertisement. You’ll get up to 10% of your referral earnings and 5 percent from earning of your sub referral Up to 7 levels below your downline. You can get your referral link from your account information as shown in the figure below.

I haven’t discussed earning through doings crowdflower tasks which is the best way of earning on clixsense because I am going to write a whole detailed article for that. Keep visiting this blog and happy earning.