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What are PTC and GPT sites

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What are PTC and GPT sites

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PTC stands for “Paid to click” and as name suggests that you’re paid to click ads or visiting websites for certain amount of time. These online earning sites get money from their clients to send traffic to their websites and pay your share from that money. They usually pay a single or few cents and some times less than a cent to surf websites. One can earn very small amount of income from this practice so online earning websites are evolved and they introduced multiple methods of earning such as adgrids, offerwalls, mini tasks, microjobs, signup offers, direct and rented referral programs and paid surveys. Online earning sites with these features are “Get Paid to (GPT)” sites. 

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Most of PTC & GPT sites have this option to win prize through playing game of chance. Mostly this feature has different name on different online earning sites such as clixgrid, progrid, wingrid etc.  You are given fixed number of chances to click boxes from a grid of boxes. There is a large prize upto $10 and number of small prizes which are hidden in boxes of grid. You have to click allowed number of boxes one by one which are linked to other sites. After viewing website for fixed time you’re notified whether you won or not. The probability of winning through adgrids is generally low but it depends on luck and your perseverance.

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Caution! On many sites Adgrid is scam and there is no real chance of winning. They randomly pay few members who click ad grids but there is no real prize in adgrids.

Offer Walls

You can find offer wall on most of GPT sites. They usually pay you for following
·         Online purchases
·         Signing up to different websites
·         Downloading apps or softwares.
·         Watching videos
·         Completing surveys
You can make relatively more money by completing these several types of offers. They are generally easy and simple to do and don’t require enough offers. You get credits in cash or points which can be converted to straightway. Online earning sites uses third parties for these offers and some of them maintain their own offer walls. Matomy, Superwards, Trailpay, Radium One and Tokenads are example of third party offer providers on clixsense.
Drawback of this feature is that there is limited earning. Once you availed offer you can’t get it again 
in near future.


You’re given option to perform small tasks and get paid for it. Tasks are usually provided by third party outsourcing companies such crowdflower. Crowdflower is outsourcing organization that breaks large projects into small micro-task and completed by number of people working on internet. The work offered by crowdflower involve transcribing information, categorization of products, findings prices on internet, reviewing answers, moderating content and so on. There is large amount of work available in tasks sections and you can earn as much you can work. Clixsense is best earning site for crowdflower tasks. I will cover detailed of tasks in my next blog “Crowdflower tasks” 

Referral Programs

You can earn a handsome amount of money if you get active referrals in your down-line. There are two types of referrals you must know the difference between them. 

Direct Referrals

This is real way of affiliate earning in which you get a share from people to whom you refer to online earning site. You can get lucrative commission from you referrals and having good amount of active direct referrals ensures you daily effortless income.  But getting direct referrals is not an easy job and getting active direct referrals is also a hard nut to crack. But it is no impossible if you work hard you can get direct referral. Following are few methods to get direct referral in your downline.
·         Inviting your friends and family.
·         Writing blogs and articles
·         Advertising on different websites
·         Referrals exchange

I advise you never to lose trust of your referrals in you. Always promote reliable and legit earning sites.

Rented Referrals

Rented referral is fraudulent and fake feature that that online earning sites offers. It is unrelated to topic of this articles but you can read more about this on my blog ”Rented referral scam” .

Premium Memberships

If you upgrade to premium membership on online earning sites you’ll get more favorable conditions to earn. It involves improved pay, more work, more earning from direct referrals and so on. For example you can boost your earning substantially by getting premium membership on clixsense I just $17. But there are Websites which run on money they get from costly memberships so don’t invest your money on these scam sites. Read my blog "Clixsense Pays You More Than You Earn" for more information.
I hope you get a idea of how online earning sites work. But it is not an easy job to find legit ptc sites. In all aspects clixsense is the best online earning site I came across so for. You can join clixsense and start earning online today. And don’t forget to avail CSEarn Offer.

Happy online earning