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How to complete CrowdFlower Tasks and Jobs

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How to complete crowdflower task

CrowdFlower is one of leading company that provides crowdsourcing solutions.  The web development company Crowdflower gets works from websites, organizations, and companies and break it into small easy tasks called micro jobs. The microtask are given to contributors, who are paid to complete these tasks. A crowdflower job has specific job id and contains number of small tasks. Tasks usually contain set of questions for contributor to complete. CF offers variety of different jobs including sentiment analysis, explicit content moderation, transcribing data, finding errors on websites, surveys, academic research and so on.

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Getting started with CrowdFlower Tasks

To work on crowdflower you have to get crowdflower contributor account. You can make it simply by providing email and name, and confirmation through email is required.

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You are not given all tasks in the beginnings because crowdflower has to make sure that you’re capable of working for crowdflower. For this reason CF has introduced a system of performance badges. There are three level badges and you have to start without badges. You get your first badge when complete different jobs, 5 jobs, 100 questions with at least 70% overall accuracy. And with bit more experience and accuracy up to 85% you get all three level badges. Getting all three level badges allows you to perform all online jobs available on crowdflower. Getting level 1 badge requires bit effort and patience because in the beginning you’re not getting enough micro-jobs, pay is low and questions are also difficult. Acquiring Level 1 badge is first milestone you need to pass and then you start getting real online income.

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Getting Level 1 badge

Some people start working on crowdflower but they give up without achieving level badge. As I wrote in previous paragraph that crowdflower want to make sure that contributor are capable and skilled to do online work for them. So keep in mind that the questions for at the beginning are most difficult, time consuming and least paid. But in the beginning you objective should be achieving level badge not money. It took 7 days to me for achieving level one badge and in two more days I got all three badges. Take your time, read carefully the instruction and do the task to achieve good accuracy. When you have all jobs available you are free to perform any task.

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How CrowdFlower Tasks work

·         Crowdflower has a system through which they ensure quality work to their customers. So they have devised a procedure for contributes to get trained and tested before they start work. In most cases the first task for crowdflower online jobs is quiz mode. They know answers off all questions in quiz mode and they assess that how much you understood the instructions for online job.  There is minimum accuracy required to complete a job. If you pass the quiz mode that is your accuracy is not less than accuracy required for online job then you are given tasks in work mode.

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Answers of question present in work mode are not known to crowdflower team except one question. This one known question is to test you whether you are carrying this job with honestly and ensure that the working with best effort. The known Question is placed randomly among the work mode questions and it is not possible to sort out the known question. If you rightly answer that known question in work mode they take your entire  as right. If you choose wrong answer to known question all question answered in that task will be taken as wrong and your accuracy will fall. If you repeatedly give wrong answer to known question you will be expelled from job. You can no more work on same job if you’re expelled from job. But don’t worry this job will presented again to you with different job ID after some days. So it is suggested that if you get your answers incorrect please read the reason and be careful next time and don’t repeat mistake. You can be flagged from work if you try to cheat system so never try to cheat system. Your accuracy and credits are shown in the top bar of the task portal. 

Always take care of your accuracy because you accuracy dictates the work given to you. If you have good accuracy you’ll be given higher level badge and get more work. I suggest you to do crowdflower task through clixsense platform. If you want to start working on crowdflower Join clixsense here and follow this blog for details.

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Some people try to find Crowdflower cheats but I recommend to not to try cheating system. Cheating crowdflower may result into being flagged and getting deprived of working on crowdflower. It takes some time to understand the tasks. Always try to concentrate and answer questions thoughtfully. You may spend extra time on first few tasks of crowdflower but eventually you will get used to and you will be able to work more in less time.

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