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How to Get Direct Referrals for PTC Sites

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how to get direct referrals

Getting referrals is quite challenging job to do but the best part of Direct referrals is that they are life long source of income for you. Before writing more about this topic I want to warn all readers that never buy “Rented Refferals” because those are bots and programmed to work for you but with the time their performance is rendered by programmers and you may lose your money.
What are Direct Refferals:
Direct referrals are people to who you invite

Benefits of Direct referrals

  •   They can earn you money without effort.
  • You can get more from direct referrals buy guiding and training them.
  • You can also get money from referrals of your Direct referrals
  •   Direct referrals are yours for ever you will never lose them.
  •  They ensure effortless income.
  • You may get signup bonus for referred site.

Why to Get Direct Referrals

On PTC site (clixsense, neobux, probux etc) you get money from clicking ads, doings tasks, completing offers. These all sources of income require your daily time and effort. If you don’t work you won’t get money from ptc sites but the only effortless way of getting money from ptc sites is to refer people to their sites. Even you are not working your referrals will be working and you’ll get commission for their work. You may also get other incentives like sign up bonus, ad purchasing and referral upgrade bonus.

How to get referrals

After brief introduction now you people may understand the importance of Direct Referrals. Know I’ll try to write few strategies, techniques, tips and tricks for getting direct referrals. There are many methods through which you can make direct referrals so let them classify into two categories:
  • Paid methods to get Direct referrals
  • Free methods to get Direct referrals

Paid methods to get Direct referrals

Paid methods require money but very little effort. The site I’m affiliated with enables me to track referring sources and I can track progress of different campaigns for getting direct referrals. AS mentioned earlier paid methods are very effective and require no effort.  So If you’re lazy fellows by these methods you can get direct referrals by advertising on
  • other (Paid to Click) PTC websites
  • PPC (pay per click) platforms.
  • Search Engine PPC platforms
  • Solo Ads
  • Social media websites


This is one of best ways to get referrals for your ptc site (neobux, clixsense, probux etc). It is expensive but it really works. As you know there are many options to advertise on ptc sites like advertising on timed ads, adgrid boxes, Paid to Sign Up (PTSU) and placing fixed on website. The most effect of these options is placing fixed ads. Though it is most costly method but it can generate good amount of direct referrals. If you trust your ptc site and you’re willing to invest money this will be best way to go. This is because the traffic from ptc sites is always interest to earn from ptc sites and they can easily join your website. This kind of advertisement may cost you from few dollars to 70$ a day and it can make 15 to 30 referrals a day depending on quality of landing page.
See the screen shot below in which a guy writes about making 7000 direct referrals principally by fixed ads and banners


PPC are those websites on which you can advertise and you’ll be charged when someone click on your ads. This is also a better way to get direct referrals fast. You can place you advertisements about your affiliated site on PPC websites will catchy words and you’ll get direct referrals easily. There are number of PPC websites on internet here are two examples


People search about variety of things on internet through search engines. They put keywords and search engine suggests them websites which can have related information of their query. Search engines also offers PPC advertising and you can put your ads with targeted keywords for example “ Making money online” so when any person will search this key word your ads will also appear to him with results. So there are good chances to get referrals. Bing Ads


In this method you to give money to a person who has collected large number of email addresses as his subscribers. People subscribed him because he is providing them valuable stuff like free reports etc. He lists of thousands people who are interested in making money online. You can pay him dollars so he will send email about your website with your referral link to his subscribers.
Spending $50 to $100 you can tell about your earning website to thousands of people who have interest in making money online. Even if small percentage of people joins your website you may get 100s of direct referrals for your websites.
This is very powerful and effortless method to make referrals.


Social media advertising also work on PPC model that is you are charged only when people click on your ads. Search engine advertisements target people on base of what people are searching on internet while Social media advertisements targets the prospects based on interests and their habits. On the social websites such as facebook, twitter, reddit you can advertise your website by targeting people who are interested to earn money from internet.
Social Networks such as facebook and twitter, have their own advertising platforms that work based on the PPC model. Social Networks allow you to target your prospects based on their habits and their interests instead of what they are searching online.
So you can target people who are interested on making money online and show your ads to them.

Free methods to get Direct referrals

As mentioned earlier the previous methods require a lot of money to get referrals. So if are not in position to pay for advertisement and costly methods there are many working methods to get direct referrals free of cost. These  methods require your effort instead of money so if you’re willing to spend time and effort you can consider free methods of making referrals listed below:
  • Writing An Ebook
  • Post Classified Ads on Websites
  • Participate in Online earning forums
  • Traffic Exchanges
  • Writing Articles and blogs
  • Social Networks
  • Making Video Reviews
Each point is discussed in detail below:


In this method you have to write a small ebook of 5 to 20 pages about any related topic for example you may write your strategies of online earning in a small ebook named as “How to earn money online Free”.  Includes several topics about online earning in your e book, elaborate them for readers and put your referral link in your ebook. Convert your data to pdf format and make beautiful and catchy cover  pages and titles for your ebook. After creating your ebook you have to distribute this book to ebook directories for free but you can also sell your ebook on websites like Tripleclicks .
Make sure to right helpful and quality content in your book and the more you distribute it the more are the chances to get free direct referrals and this is long term resources for getting direct referrals.


This is also a free and quite helpful method for free referral building. You can post your referral link to classified ad directories which allow posting urls and referrals links. For this method create a classified ad and post it to as many classified ad directories as possible. This is timing consuming method because you have to make accounts on classifieds directory websites but your effort will not go vain. . You can google to find websites which offers free classified ads here are few suggestions from me.


This is also a useful method to generate referrals in your downline but you have get reputation, trust, following and reputation in forum to get desired results i-e getting new referrals for your earning website. Most of forum will not allow posting links in very beginning and some forums may ban you doing so. So first of all be a valuable, inspirational and reputed member of forum which definitely require time, then it will be a good way of getting direct referrals. You may put your referrals link in signature of your forum profile so most of member will go to your website from your signature.

Some of ptc forums are here:
  • thebot.net
  • talkgold.com
  • talkptc.com
  • moneymakergroup.com


The traffic exchange websites are similar to Paid to click website but the only difference is that you get advertising credits instead of money. So you have to watch advertisements on traffic exchange website to earn credits for advertising your ptc website. This method is also time consuming and you have to work daily to earn credits for advertising your website.  
You might hear this term before but I am going to explain it anyway.
Here are some popular Traffic Exchanges you may use:


This is one of the best methods to get referral for your website and the best thing is it is free. This requires writing skill to write articles about different topics related to ptc sites and online earning methods. You have to write interesting, useful and original content and mention your affiliate link of ptc site in article and then share it to article sharing sites and directories.  You might write reviews of ptc sites, strategies of working online, and tips and tricks about different online jobs.
Here’s an example:
Guest posts on blogs
  • scoop.it
  • medium.com
  • stumbleupon.com
  • Hubpages
  • Folkd.com
  • Ezine
  • And many other Article Directories (Google it)
If you lack good writing skill you may get help from others on internet. Fiverr is best website for getting this job done only in $5.


Well, this is not about spamming social networks because spamming does not work anymore and people are getting smarter. You have to promote your paid to click website through social media artfully and this is quite tricky and requires effort.
The first rule for promoting website on social media is not to behave like you need people badly for your website and don’t ask people desperately to join your ptc program. Create a group or page or profile and keep sharing interesting informative and useful content and occasionally post about the website you’re making from.  As mentioned in previous headings build trust, reputation and good following before your start promoting your website same applies to social network marketing of your website. Join related groups and pages and be nice person people will attract your profile and will trust your posts about making money online.  Don’t use flash pages like making thousands of dollars instead you can post your payment proofs which are more trustworthy.


This is one of powerful and promising method and requires one time effort. The rule “Honesty is best policy” also applies here so you have to make an honest review of a website you’re working with. Tell people about pros and cons of your website and also guide them how you are working online on website. Talk to them about the how you make money, earning methods of website, your strategies, tips & tricks and show the proof of your earnings.
You can make video easily with your webcam or mobile phone camera but if you’re shy like me you can make recording of screen with you voice over. Camtasia is best software recommended for screen recording, webcam recording and voice over and you can easily make, edit and produce videos with this software.
After producing the video you have upload it on popular video sharing sites such as youtube, dailymotion, vimeo, tune.pk etc and promote it as much as you can. Add keywords related to niche that is online earning website reviews. Include your referral link in video (try to use shortened link) and in description of video. You can also link your channel to your social profiles on which you share post about the website.

Getting Referrals through Blog

This is one the best and long lasting method for generating large amount of referrals for your site. This can be free as my blog is hosted by blogger or paid if you choose paid hosting for your website or blog. Free blog works fine if you run it proper and do necessary Search Engine Optimization for your blog which I will discuss in upcoming lines. 

Create Blog

You can make blog free on many sites most popular of which are blogger and wordpress. If you want to make a paid blog you have to pay for domain and hosting and you can get both of them at godaddy.com or other sites. On your free or paid blog choose the domain name related to your money making website. Choose a good looking template and add necessary information for your blog like title, Tags line, description etc.
SEO tip 1: choose the name name which include a popular keyword related to your site.
SEO tip 2: Chose a shorter domain name such ranging from 6 to 10 letters. 

Write Content

Write best content related to site you are affiliated with as I have joined clixsense and I’m writing most of my blogs related to clixsense and ptc websites. You can write honest reviews, tricks & tips, strategies and helping content. Try to write unique and quality content for your blog which is rated well by Search Engine.  Add your referrals link in the blog so that if people are motivated they will join your site. (neobux, clixsense, probux etc)
SEO tip 3: Write unique content related to your niche.

SEO tip 4: Post the link of your blog on related sites, forums, blogs and social sites by commenting and posting.


There are some stupid methods of making referrals. I am saying this because these methods don’t work and totally useless. You must be aware of these traps which are scam and totally unproductive. Check few useless methods here:

1.  Don’t buy Referrals

There are number of websites which promise signups for money. They may give you referrals which are bots and they don’t work. Some time they pay people to signup but referrals from this source are not active and remember inactive referral is of no use. You must also know that some websites like clixsense doesn’t tolerate referrals from these sign up offers and this may result getting banned from website. So avoid using paid to sign up (PTSU) offers.

2.  Referrals exchange

You may get referrals by meeting different people on forums. In this method you have to join some ones site as your referrals and for that he will join your site. The problem with this methods is that people who join your website are not motivated so they don’t work for long time. After few days they will go inactive and I wrote in earlier lines that referrals that are not active are no referrals, so these are no referrals.  So it is complete waste of time if you are try to exchange referrals.

3. Spamming Facebook

The is the most stupid and dumbest method of getting referrals for ptc sites (neobux, clixsense, probux etc). People go to social networks especially on facebook, and post wildly about websites they are affiliated. People call it SPAM and you can not get free referrals by this method because no even bother to read content with these flash pages. So avoid wasting time and energies of this stupid method and go for the productive methods which can really generate good amount of referrals for long time.

Always be honest and helpful, people will trust you and never break trust of any one. These were 13 methods which are real and you can get free direct referrals by these methods. There can be more methods which are not into my knowledge. If you have any please share in comments.  

Remember: Don’t waste your time on promoting fake and scam sites. Do a good research about any website before you’re going to join it and make sure that that you can earn good amount of money even without referrals. I am working on only one PTC site which is clixsense and I recommend it to people who trust me.